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Brittany Barnett for Boulder Blooms. Local Florist, Beautiful Local Designs.

Interview with Brittany:

Of all the bridal bouquets that you have created, what’s the most unique bouquet that you’ve done?
Brittany: I like to think that all of the bridal bouquets I make are unique! Each one is a custom design made to fit that specific bride! However, if I had to choose the one that stands out as the most unique, I would say it was a huge all succulent bouquet we made using about 30 succulent plants of all varieties. It turned out to be amazing!

Boulder Blooms is a Eco-friendly florist, tell us more about how and why?
Brittany: The eco-friendly title is based on several factors: First and foremost, we are a certified zero-waste business with Boulder County. We must follow a certain set of standards set by the county in order to maintain this certification. This starts with our product purchasing through minimizing transport waste by buying local as well as conserving energy through fuel efficient vehicles. Additionally, all of our waste is diverted into reusable, recyclable and compostable parts that are given back to the county to create new resources and all of our employees must be educated in responsible waste management practices. Aside from the county standards, we also have our own guidelines to take the eco-friendly status to the next level. We purchase seasonal products from local growers whenever available and we like to avoid importing of exotic flower varieties. We also do not use any dyes, stains or glues to artificially modify our flowers. Our goal is always to use the most organic, seasonal and natural product available. We realize that agricultural businesses can be very hazardous to the environment and wildlife and we want to do whatever we can to minimize our impact.

Besides beautiful arrangements, what other products do you offer couples to complete their ceremony/reception look?
Brittany: Aside from our floral offerings, we also have a large warehouse of wedding rentals that we can provide to make your event space more personal. We rent furniture, such as desks, tables and dessert stands. We also have antique doors, mantles, chandeliers and whiskey barrels that can be incorporated into the ceremony decorations. Smaller rental items include lanterns, chalkboards, candelabras, farm crates and picture frames. We are always working to expand our rental inventory and are happy to accommodate any special requests.

For weddings, what is a fun floral trend?
Brittany: The big change that I am noticing has been the request and prioritizing of local floral products. I am seeing brides who are open to any color and flower variety as long as the product is guaranteed grown in Boulder County. We have partnered with two great farms in Boulder this year; Rise and Shine Farm and Munsen Farms both located in East Boulder. The main difference in working directly with the farms is that we get to harvest the flowers ourselves! Which is realty exciting! The other difference is that working with smaller growers we can not always guarantee the availability of specific colors and flower types so we have to be comfortable handing the reins over to Mother Nature! And so far she has not disappointed!

The best way to contact Brittany is by email or call 303.494.5678

Written by Eva