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Cindy Egitto for Brides to be Accessories, your online bridal consultant.

Interview with Cindy:

How did you come up with the idea to create Brides to be Accessories?
Cindy: : My husband bought me this beautiful microfiber bathrobe for Valentines Day. It was unbelievably soft and very versatile. I wanted everyone to have one so I started Brides to be Accessories along with a wonderful gift company. With a wide variety of items for any occasion, you can easily find the perfect gift. I’ll even do the shopping for you just tell me your ideas and it’s done. I’m available for consultations and custom gift-wrapping.

What is one of your top selling items for brides?
Cindy: There’s actually a few. Besides the bathrobes, the Bride Bangle Wrap Bracelet and the Unblemish skin care line for breakouts. Brides love getting gifts for their bridal showers and the day of the wedding. They also want to look and feel their best during the event. Within 30 day of using Unblemish they start seeing results.

Tell me more about the gift side of your company, and what are some customer favorites?
Cindy: The candles, which are handmade in Denver, smell amazing and burn for 120 hours. The shower caps and Allure bath salts. The caps are really stylish and fit great. The bath salts are very calming and make your skin feel so soft. I have lots of great gift ideas for everyone.

The best way to contact Cindy is by email or call 303.726.7467

Written by Eva