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October 30, 2015 Vendor Chat No Comments

Carmen Mix for J.Hilburn. Let The Compliments Begin.

Interview with Carmen:

As a personal stylist, what should a groom be aware of and how do you work with them?
Carmen: Grooms should understand that if they are not properly dressed it takes away from the bride’s magical moment. Every wedding is different from casual to very formal. Some guys have never worn a suit before and are out of their comfort zone. We work together to find a style makes them look and feel great! For the traditional groom, a J.Hilburn tuxedo is something he could wear forever starting around $1000. For your nontraditional groom we have well made suits starting around $800.00 or we can create something custom if that’s what they are looking for.

You mentioned gifts, what is something different a groom can give?
Carmen: Grooms are starting to be more expressive with their style. Some grooms will even create custom shirts for their wedding and give them as groomsmen gifts. With clothing there are so many different accessories that can be personalized and is something that could be worn again.

Besides grooms, who else do you dress?
Carmen: I’ve worked with men who would like help with their professional wardrobe and some who have a particular social, work function or holiday event to attend. I have even helped men restructure their causal look. It’s exciting to see their confidence… when they look and feel better about what they are wearing.

The best way to contact Carmen is by email or call 303.641.3385

Written by Eva