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September 2, 2015 Vendor Chat No Comments

Sadie Russo for La Patisserie Francaise. Wedding Cake Specialists.

Interview with Sadie:

What makes La Patisserie Francaise cakes different from other bakeries?
Sadie: We use a European style sponge cake recipe. The cakes are lighter than flour cakes and we pair it with a light mousse instead of buttercream.

Where do you see cake trends heading in the next year?
Sadie: Today, a lot of couples are choosing smaller cakes or dessert bars. I see the trend with wedding cakes going back to really big cakes or 3d edible print cakes.

What is the most creative cake you’ve made?
Sadie: A chicken famer asked us to make a cake for the Denver County Fair.
It was a 3D rooster about 3′ tall with lots of detail. We had a lot of fun making it!

With so many flavors to choose from, what’s a different flavor that couples should try?
Sadie: Salted caramel-it’s really good.

The best way to contact Sadie is by email or call 303.424.5056

Written by Eva