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Carl Bloom Officiant WED FOR GOOD.

Interview with Carl:

You mentioned that you were inspired to become an officiant because of your own wedding. What was your favorite part?
Carl: My wedding planted the seed. I helped with the planning of our ceremony to make it creative and unique. I’m a romantic at heart and thought this would be cool to do for other people. My favorite part of our wedding was our mothers walked us down the aisle and during the unity ceremony we wrapped their matching bouquets together. Incorporating family into our special day was very important.

I love that you donate half of your proceeds to charity. How did you come up with this idea?
Carl: It all started with the first couple I worked with. After their wedding I had a thought why not pay it forward. Then I thought how do I go about making this a general practice and how do I communicate this. That’s how WED FOR GOOD got started. I love it! I love the work and being apart of a couples commitment to each other.

What are a few things couples should think about when planning their ceremony?
Carl: What will make it meaningful. What is it you would like to capture. Think of the memory you want to take away with you when you look back at your ceremony.

What would be the ultimate ceremony to perform?
Carl: I love creating ceremonies for couples that make it their own. Everyone couple is unique in their requests. Some want lots of tradition and others want more of a celebration. I like taking highlights from their relationship and use it as a guide for their ceremony then add my own flare to it.

The best way to contact Carl is by email or call 720.273.9689

Written by Eva Geis